Imminent, the return of yellow taxis

At any time yellow taxis can return to the international line, announced the legal representative of their union.

After some time of fights and discussions currently, the yellow taxis just wait for the City of Tijuana to give them the date and time to return to occupy the international line sites since they mention that people who cross from the US to Tijuana look for yellow taxis to go with their doctors and for the affordable Mexico dental work.
The lawyer said that the union has already been notified of the resolution issued by the Contentious Court in the city of Mexicali, which gave them the guarantee to return to the Federal colony.

The appeal presented by the legal office of the union was a resource of more than 250 pages, where all the points of the ruling that the magistrate gave in the city of Tijuana were analyzed, while the resolution consisted of 94 pages.

Currently, the yellow taxis just wait for the City of Tijuana to give them the date and time to return to occupy the sites of the international line.
According to the file in Mexicali, both parties have already been notified. Here, as a lawyer and legal representative, we are waiting for the court to rotate the respective offices to comply with the said resolution.

Although there was strong animosity in social networks towards yellow taxis, Estela Rodríguez assured that several users are looking forward to the return of taxis to the international line.

We have never stopped being ready; We have continued to offer our services in the places we have had. Citizens are still looking for us, but we have not stopped operating. Many people expect the return of the yellows.

Whatever the final verdict, citizens only want a peaceful way of transport, which is not monopolized so that both citizens and tourists can choose the transport that best suits them.

The International Half Marathon  of Tijuana

If you are a person who likes to run in the morning and soon you will have an appointment for a review with your Mexico dentists, take the opportunity to stay in the city to run the International Half Marathon in Tijuana will have a bag that exceeds 700 thousand pesos in prizes distributed in the different categories, ranging from 18 years to 80 and more. It’s something you can do, alone, as a couple, with friends or family!

The registration date is from May 24 to July 20. On the 21st of that same month, there will be a carbohydrate dinner for the runners who do not live in Tijuana and on Sunday, July 22, the initial shot will be given to start with the Half Marathon to celebrate the 129th anniversary of the city.

So you still have time to prepare for the race, many choose to travel a certain number of kilometers a week, some will tell you a quantity and others a different amount, however the number of kilometers per week to prepare a half marathon will depend on the level of fitness you have and the experience you have as a broker. The volume of kilometers, as is to be expected, is less than for the marathon, but not necessarily half.

To run a half marathon well, enjoying the race and without suffering more than necessary, it is very important that we master the smallest distances, in this case, the 10K. Being able to run 10 kilometers, comfortably, feeling comfortable with distance and controlling our pace and our pulsations is very important when launching for a longer race.

Plan your career and establish the rhythms to follow

If you plan to go through your first marathon you should not expect to arrive first, third or tenth, but simply to cross the finish line, it is necessary that you establish a maximum time in which you would like to finish it so that you do not miss the hands. For this, the most useful thing is to plan in advance what are the rhythms that you are going to take at each moment of the race taking into account the altimetric profile of the same and also your physical state.

The most common strategy in a half marathon is usually to use the first kilometers as a warm-up to later maintain a comfortable pace during the first half of the race. From about 10 kilometers you can start to press, and in the last two kilometers, you can give everything. Above all, do not get carried away by the exhilaration of the start and start the race faster than you have prepared, because it will pass the bill later.