Healthy Posture At Work

Working in front of a desk could be terrible for your health, especially for your posture. When you focus so much on your work, it is easy to forget your body, which forces us to bend, bend and even take strange positions and, therefore, unhealthy. What will most make you feel comfortable in your workplace is not just posture, having a beautiful smile with all your full teeth is the best satisfaction you may need dental implants Tijuana with Sam Dental.

Be aware: When you sit at a desk, you should feel comfortable with full support against the chair. The elbows should be positioned at a 90 degree angle so that the shoulders can be well aligned. Keep your knees at 90 degrees to reduce stress on the back caused by the position and the feet should be placed on the floor. In the same way, the dolls need to be in a neutral position, not flexed or pressed in any way.
Desktop on foot: If you do not have a chair and you should be standing in front of a desk, we recommend that you have your computer and keyboard exactly at eye level. Again, it is important that your elbows are at a 90 degree angle to have the shoulders aligned. The wrists, likewise, should remain in a neutral position without pressure. And finally, both feet must be on the surface for the weight to balance. However, this will be difficult to achieve, so we recommend raising one foot on a book or a small platform to relieve tension in the back.
Check your position regularly: One way to check your position is with a balance test to measure how hunched you are and what the impact is on your health. But taking into account that maybe you do not have enough time to do a whole test, we also recommend that you set an alarm every hour to compose your angle in front of the desk.
Avoid bending when writing: Another option is to always have your head up. We spend a lot of our time looking at our cell phone or tablet, but for every 10 degrees that your neck crouches, you put pressure on it of 5 kilos. It is important that, instead of bending down to see the cell phone, put your device at eye level to avoid putting more pressure on your neck and back.