Mexico And The Growing Brewers

It is impressive how little by little Mexico is growing in different industries, many people are looking for weight loss surgery in Tijuana Mexico among other medical services, but it is also the fourth world producer of beer, with 105 million hectoliters per year, however companies Brewers in the country are going for more, as Grupo Modelo will invest in a new plant in Hidalgo, while Heineken and Constellation Brands will make extensions in their production complexes.

Data from Cerveceros de México indicate that in 2016, production grew 8.0% concerning the previous year. Exports increased 13% with around 32 million hectoliters, keeping Mexico as the leading exporter in the world.

The association points out that 80% of the beer that Mexico sold to the world went to the United States, followed by Australia, the United Kingdom, Chile, Canada and China; while sales to Colombia grew 44%, to Ireland 69%, Paraguay 79 and to Peru 84%.

As part of this growth, in November Grupo Modelo announced an investment of 14 million pesos for the construction of its eighth brewing plant in Mexico, which will have an initial capacity of 12 million hectoliters per year and the possibility of expanding to 24 million. In the medium term.

Constellation Brands announced in October 2017 that it will invest 160 million dollars to expand production capacity at its plant in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, from 2.5 to 3.5 million hectoliters per year, and where they are manufactured. The Corona, Pacífico and Modelo Especial brands exclusively for the North American market.

In the part of the imported beer, the Mexican one is the most preferred, and we have the Corona and Modelo brand as number one and two.

However, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Heineken will not be left behind either, given the growth of the market, not only the opening of its plant in Meoqui, Chihuahua, in the first quarter of 2018 but also prepares an increase of 25% of the capacity of its plant in Tecate, Baja California.