Money To Families To Rehabilitate Houses

The City Council of Arona has opened the deadline for the submission of applications for the rehabilitation aid of first need in housing for the year 2018, a benefit that has a line of 140,000 euros and that will allow contributions of up to 4,500 euros per family unit. The councilor of Housing, Contracting and Modernization of Arona, highlights that it has managed to normalize the call at the beginning of the year and within a period that allows us to resolve it before the end of the fiscal year, an advance that we celebrate after a mandate resolving the delays and records accumulated for years. Certainly although the services they need that are not basic are not as cheap as a dentist in Tijuana Mexico, the money will help them a lot.

The mayor stressed that “the call is planned with amounts adapted to the municipal reality, after the analysis made of the evolution of demand, and includes the necessary adaptability interventions for people in situations of dependency.” In order to reach the greatest number of people in need of this help, it will initiate a round of meetings with collectives and citizen entities of the different nuclei of the municipality, in order to provide all the information about the procedure, eligible facts and requirements.

In this sense, explains that the line of aid is intended for reforms of first necessity and for repair, maintenance and conservation of the applicant’s usual home, provided they do not involve expansion or are simple decoration and improve living conditions .

In addition, adaptability works are included for the assumption that the applicants are dependent persons, with disabilities, over 65 years old or even minors who, lacking a resolution proving disability or dependence, have it in process and present a medical document that certifies the need to make housing accessible. The cost of the works license fees and the construction, facilities and works tax (ICIO) are included in the subsidy.

The requirements to apply for this social assistance, with a maximum allocation per applicant of 4,500 euros, were modified during the mandate to reach more population, with a reduction of the minimum residence time in the municipality and that went from 2 years to 6 months. , requirement that will not be taken into account when the current address is due to gender violence.

Also, as it is established in the bases, persons who are not up to date with the tax obligations imposed by the current municipal and regional regulations, when seeking the coverage of basic needs for people in a serious economic situation, can qualify for this assistance. and that they can be users of municipal social services. In fact, the per capita income of the coexistence unit must be less than 15,000 gross euros per year per member of the family unit to qualify for this aid.

Other requirements are that the applicant is the owner or usufructuary of the home for which the assistance is requested and that it constitutes his habitual residence. In addition, among other issues, such as the members of the nucleus of coexistence do not have more real estate for residential use or have no access to other grants or subsidies from other public administrations or own resources to cover the entire action for which the help is requested.