Take Advantage Of Your Partner’s Jealousy

Jealousy is composed of envy, resentment, fear, selfishness and suspicion. I do not know a greater enemy of love, marriage, society and politics than they do. And even then, how many of us can say that we have never felt them? If your intention is that your partner feels jealousy you can get a liposuction in Tijuana with Clinica Renueva.

It could be considered that this statement is widely shared. Often jealousy has been identified – the “green-eyed monster”, in the words of William Shakespeare – with the figure of the devil: it is the master of deception, and jealousy is characterized precisely by the deformed reality perceived by the jealous. We consider jealousy a bad feeling, which must be eradicated, no matter how much it stands behind the alibi of romantic love. Thus, jealousy is not only unwanted, but retrograde and dictatorial because it restricts the freedom of the couple. And yet, many lovers find themselves with a problem: feeling them irrationally and not knowing very well what to do with them.

The couple of your property
The latest research on jealousy shows that they are a habitual and proper feeling of all human beings, and that feeling them does not make us bad people. In that sense, Most people do not consider their beloved their property, but nevertheless, we feel jealous when we consider the possibility of losing it. Is not only imbricated in human nature, but it is the most basic and omnipresent emotion in all aspects of human relations.

The usual explanations invoke low self-esteem, immaturity or character flaws to explain them.According to this line of thinking, adults who enjoy high self-esteem, maturity and psychological solidity should not suffer from these feelings. jealousy, cure those defects should eliminate them.

Where do they come from?
Most definitions of romantic jealousy coincide in a common element: the feeling of threat provoked by a third person. They are rarely related to infidelity, since they arise before this and in most cases, without that betrayal is consummated: it is an alarm that sounds in the head of the jealous. The jealousy of love has to do with exclusivity, “which emanates from the very nature of feelings, they are partial and are dedicated to a specific object, which makes possible its intensity. indiscriminate, because we can not love all humanity equally, jealousy arises from that demand for exclusivity that humans feel before certain people.