Tooth Whitening, Aesthetic, but also very dangerous

Look no further “white smiles”
The stereotype of modern life demands a certain and certain fashion to not go unnoticed and to be in tune with what the consumer society imposes as a general rule. That’s why before doing anything with your teeth, first go with your dentist in Tijuana Dental Studio.

It is required to be thin, to be tanned, to have white teeth, so white that they look like lies. The world of TV, technology; they have led to the common people wanting to “look like …”; which in many cases the personality is subject to certain models and patterns of behavior preestablished and imposed only and exclusively, “because it is fashionable” or because only what matters is the image and appearance, although health problems may arise to future.

However, many copied behaviors usually affect not only our behavior, but also our health, as is the case of severe diets, but also the usual whitening of teeth, a subject that we will discuss in detail.

The common people do not care about oral health as such, but have a “white smile”, however it is important to note that 50% of the bleached teeth return to their natural color after a year of the costly treatment.

There are many factors that must be taken into account so as not to risk fashioning teeth whitening. For example, we must know that the younger the tooth, the whitening is easier, so it is also important to take into account the time that has elapsed since the tooth darkened, if it darkened recently, the process is easier of whitening.

Temporary whitening of teeth can permanently cause gingivitis and chronic gum irritation.

Whitening is limited when the patient reports having allergic manifestations in relation to the bleaching solution or the clothing material; such as: burning sensation, dry throat, nausea, irritation or edema.

It is important to bear in mind that if adolescents want to assume this fashion, it is necessary to indicate that they, because of their age, do not need teeth whiteners because they are so young they do not have yellow teeth, as with older people.

So before thinking about having a “white smile”, a product of current fashion, worry about good oral hygiene, brush your teeth three times a day, between meals for two minutes, use daily tooth decay, avoid the bad encouragement with the use of mouth rinses and frequent visits to the dentist.